Elevating Your Feet: Why 20 Minutes Is Equivalent to 2 Hours Of Sleep!

My Mother always had a ‘slant board’ in her bedroom that we often would lay on. She would tell us that elevating your feet for 20 minutes had so many benefits including being equal to about 2 hours of sleep. Well this came in handy in college when sleep was at a premium! This theory started back in the 1950’s and was known as the Hollywood Slant. Thanks to Kartina Holte of  Edelweiss Patterns for the attached article on the subject.

I have been preaching this for years and have so many friends still doing it. I practice this almost everyday. As you elevate your feet(and hopefully doze off) the blood flows through your body to your brain and up to your head. I consider this a Re-Charge if you are tired and need a boost. Also, think about how your legs get tired and swollen towards the end of the day. Elevating your feet will rejuvenate your organs and body. You can buy a pillow wedge as we have listed in our “sleeping aides” section of our store, or you can use pillows or sometimes I even lay on the floor with my feet on the bed. We hope you enjoy this great Guru tip!

I wish I still had my Moms slant board that looked like this!!
A trip with friends and elevating our feet for some much needed recharging!
A trip with friends and elevating our feet for some much needed recharging!
Ithaca College 1981 – my freshman year elevating my feet!

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