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What Causes Lung Cancer?

Lung Cancer: How to be on the lookout for cancer causing chemicals that can be affecting your lungs and breathing even if you are not a smoker. I hear all the time about people getting lung cancer and often people say “But they did not even smoke”. Everyone knows that smoking can cause Lung Cancer. … Read More

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Why Buy Organic Tampons?

By Samantha Trafford, Community Manager for the Green Living Gurus Organic Tampons: What’s in Them? Natural and organic…isn’t that what we should be putting inside our bodies? The answer is YES! Organic tampons are 100% certified organic, made of pure cotton free from pesticides, toxin, dyes and fragrance. Also, a fun fact is the applicators … Read More

Time to do a “Wellness Check”

As a health and wellness coach I look at the entire BIG picture of someone’s life and not just what they eat or if they exercise.  When I hear “But she was so healthy” or “He didn’t even smoke”  I often think about what harmful chemicals they could be using in their home that could … Read More

Fragrance – and why it is not always a good ingredient

By Therese Forton-Barnes, Head Guru According to the dictionary it is ‘a pleasant sweet smell’. But when it is in a product you put on your skin, hair, or body it is possibly very toxic to your health. One of the worst component of most things labeled ‘Fragrance’ is phthalates. It is used as a … Read More


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