Below are some of our favorite resources to help you create a healthy and toxic free lifestyle. They are all free! We will be adding more so check back often. Our mission is to help as many people as possible. The rate of cancer is very frightening along with other illnesses. There are so many chemicals that are known carcinogens and they are still allowed on the market along with hundreds of others that cause harm to your body. We are trying to spread the knowledge and hope you find these helpful. Please let us know how you like them and spread the word and share these with others. Read your labels, and know your ingredients!

Other Organizations we like to support and share with you

Environmental Working Group

Made Safe

Silent Spring

Cleaner Greener Me and the Film Overload

The Detox Project

Women’s Voices for the Earth

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Collaborative on Health and the Environment

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

The Smart Human and Dr. Aly Cohen

BizNGO:For Safer Chemicals and Sustainable Materials

Clean and Healthy New York

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