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We guide you towards the best products to help you live a healthy and toxic-free lifestyle. The mission of Green Living Gurus is to help people reduce chemical exposure in their homes that could be causing constant headaches, migraines, rashes, runny noses, itchy eyes, sore throats, wheezing, hives and illnesses. The goal is so they can reduce their “Toxic Load” and feel healthier, with a boosted immune system and hopefully reduce their medical bills and consumption of over the counter  drugs.

1. The Green Living Gurus Store(through Amazon) has hundreds of healthy products. Click Here To Visit The Guru Store

2. We offer two different air purifiers and each one comes with a one hour consult on getting toxic chemicals out of your home.Learn more

3. We have some DIY(do it yourself- see below) recipes which are free of chemicals, are safe for the environment, don’t pollute your indoor air, saves money and keeps plastics out of our landfills!

Do it Yourself(DIY)

Check out our “DIY” section in the GLG Store for DIY supplies. Click here

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