Aly Cohen, MD wrote a book along with Frederick S. vom Saal PhD(see link for their book) NON-TOXIC GUIDE TO LIVING HEALTHY IN A CHEMICAL WORLD. The book is a guide on the effects of toxic chemicals on human health. There are thousands of chemicals inundating our lives and wreaking havoc on our bodies. It reveals the dangers and leads you towards solutions and alternatives. The good thing is, for the most part, we can reverse the effects of these chemicals. That is by reducing the exposure and paying attention to our senses. We need to watch what we eat(taste), what air we breathe in our homes(smell), look at labels(vision) and what we put on our skin(touch). The last sense is hearing. ‘Listen’ and learn from others that have knowledge about chemicals and the effects they are having on your body. In her book she guides you through many ways to rid your home and life of these chemicals. It is a great guide and easy to follow.

The Green Living Gurus includes this book with our consulting services. We feel it is a great guide and important for everyone to have when going down the path of De-toxing your home and life from Toxicants. See our Guru services So, if you do not want to “do it alone” and you need advice, we have options available for different levels of one-on-one consulting. It does get overwhelming, but as Dr. Cohen advises, take it one step at a time! The book will walk you through these steps or we can guide you along the way. Either way, making that first step will be a start in the right direction and all of your senses will thank you!!!!!

Here is an interview I did with Dr. Cohen on Friday December 11, 2020. Dr. Aly Cohen, MD interview with Tee

Also, here is a Tedx Talk that Dr. Cohen did on 12-12-2019 on ‘How to Protect your kids from Toxic Chemicals’. Here is a link to her website The Smart Human for more info and to see how awesome she is and all that she has to offer. see link to the Smart Human

Time to do a “Wellness Check”

As a health and wellness coach I look at the entire BIG picture of someone’s life and not just what they eat or if they exercise.  When I hear “But she was so healthy” or “He didn’t even smoke”  I often think about what harmful chemicals they could be using in their home that could be causing illnesses and compromising their immune system. I help people eliminate toxins and chemicals from their everyday lives so they can substantially improve their health, boost their immune system, with the goal of avoiding cancer and other illnesses related to these harmful ingredients.

Someone may look healthy from the outside but on the inside, they could be ingesting, breathing and smothering harmful chemicals in their skin and body. They may eat organic food but clean with harmful chemicals, sleep in toxins coming from laundry detergent, use dryer sheets that exhaust into the air, and breathing in harmful chemicals all day in their homes and offices. Their organs and immune system can be compromised from taking in all these chemicals every day.

You can eat all the organic food in the world but your body can only handle so much from toxic chemicals entering your system through everyday products including but not limited to: cleaning supplies, candles, water, carpeting, beds, adhesives, building materials, insecticides, paints, stains, air fresheners, dryer sheets etc.  Over 80,000 chemicals are registered in the USA. The list of chemicals entering our homes and offices through products are endless and as a result our indoor air is often polluted which could be causing a slew of health problems including a compromised immune system. Right now, more than ever we need to make sure our immune systems are as healthy as possible to fight off illnesses and all viruses.

The American Lung Association states on their website “Cleaning is essential to protecting our health in our homes, schools and workplaces. However, household and cleaning products—including soaps, polishes, and grooming supplies—often include harmful chemicals. Even products advertised as “green” or “natural” may contain ingredients that can cause health problems. Some cleaning supplies can even be flammable or corrosive. Fortunately, you can limit your exposure to those risks. Read all labels and follow instructions when using cleaning products. It could save your life.”

Asthma and allergies are on the rise along with other ailments caused by polluted air, such as headaches, dizziness, depression, respiratory infections, autoimmune disorders, throat and ear infections, colds and flu. There are many studies performed on indoor air environments due to the concerns over the effects of rising levels of chemicals and pollutants. The National Center for Health Statistics reported an alarming increase of people suffering from severe allergies and asthma due to our poor indoor air quality. Even as far back as 2003, Harvard School of Public Health reported that out of 120 homes tested for toxic gases and compounds. 100% of the homes had levels that exceeded safe standards and that this is a nationwide problem.

According to the EPA, the levels of indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels, and in some cases these levels can exceed 100 times that of outdoor levels. Your indoor air can be more harmful than the air outside. Making every effort to help purify the air in your home is important to your health and your immune system and wellbeing of your family.

Your immune system is your defense mechanism against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. The immune system helps to provide resistance to infections and toxicity and with a strong immune system your body has the power to cure itself.

You can do your own wellness check or hire us. Start now by reading your ingredients and knowing your labels.

Some of the symptoms of having chemicals in your home and poor air quality:

  • throat irritation
  • breathing difficulties
  • tightness in the chest
  • runny nose
  • allergy-like symptoms, such as sneezing
  • burning sensations in the nose
  • dry, itchy skin rashes
  • headaches

Why is the indoor air more polluted?

  1. Household cleaning products and pesticides
  2. Toxic air fresheners including candles
  3. Inadequate ventilation
  4. High temperature and humidity 
  5. Lack of fresh outdoor air
  6. Airtight buildings
  7. Dampness and moisture
  8. Materials used in the building           

What you can do to make your indoor air better?

  • Reduce or stop using chemicals that outgas into your home
  • Clean ceiling fans regularly
  • Invest in a HEPA air purifier
  • Air out dry cleaning before you bring it inside your home
  • Use plants around you home
  • Clean or change filters in window air conditioners and change filters in whole house units
  • Open your windows as much as possible
  • Have your ducts and vents cleaned but ask about the chemicals they use(have them use only water with soap)
  • Get rid of toxic candles
  • Take off your shoes
  • Clean with non toxic products and get rid of dryer sheets
  • Make sure you are using your vents on your stove
  • Vacuum your rugs regularly(Area rugs are better than wall to wall)
  • Avoid Anything with ‘fragrance’ in it. “Unscented” does not always mean fragrance-free!  Fragrance can be made up of hundreds of chemicals. Companies do not have to reveal these ingredients.  

Much Health and Happiness to you all!

How to Boost Your Immune System

Our immune system is our defense mechanism against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. There are effective ways to boost your immune system and with a strong immune system, your body has the power to cure itself.

Boost Your Immune System

We are hearing more and more about the importance of boosting our immune systems. The immune system helps to provide resistance to infections and toxicity. The key players include the thymus, bone marrow, lymph nodes—and leukocytes(white blood cells), along with a complex network of cells and proteins that make up your immune system. Without going into the scientific description, it is very well known that it is important to do some things regularly that help to keep your immune system healthy.

Hand Washing:

Although hand washing is important, I would try to avoid antibacterial soaps or agents of any kind. Antibacterial properties kill not only harmful bacteria but also the good. Your skin microbiome is a line of defense against infections, and keeping it intact is very important to immune resilience. Also, triclosan, which is found in many antibacterial soaps, resembles human hormones and can fool your systems that rely on the thyroid. This can lead to infertility, advanced puberty, obesity or cancer. The human body has a hard time processing triclosan.

6 Immune Boosters we recommend:

  1. Get adequate sleep
  2. Exercise
  3. A healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables(preferably organic)
  4. Don’t smoke and avoid second hand smoke
  5. Moderate Alcohol
  6. Avoid chemicals when possible: There is increased awareness and concern within the scientific communities that chemical pollutants can suppress immune processes and thus cause increased development of neoplastic and infections diseases. 

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recommendations for staying healthy:

  1. Drink cold pressed juice
  2. Take a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar every morning
  3. Drink warm lemon first thing in the am
  4. Eat a lot of garlic
  5. Oil pull
  6. Use ginger in juices
  7. Get outside and take in the sunshine
  8. Drink organic wine(just kidding but it does make me happy so maybe that is a booster)

Actions to take when you start to feel sick:

  1. Take elderberry extract(or make your own)
  2. Drink organic orange juice
  3. Take zinc
  4. Drink bone broth
  5. Take echinacea
  6. Drink a shot of fire cider
  7. Gargle with salt water

These are our suggestions for keeping your Immune System Strong and ready to fight anything that comes its way and we hope you are staying healthy and safe during these times of uncertainty in the world.

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