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Ongoing: Do you want to be a VIP member of Green Living Gurus inside circle of up to date information? Be a part of the group called “Healthy Living and Toxic Free(HLTF)”. We do live videos, give tips and tricks on healthy living, offer awesome recipes, advise on toxic and harmful ingredients and provide yoga online or live every Saturday morning in the summer. Join HLTF Here

June 1, 2020: Therese was interviewed on Western New York Entrepreneur about her event planning business and pivoting to Green Living Gurus. Listen Here

June 3, 2020: Therese being interviewed Enas Latif, with Buffalo Burbs COVID-19 Connection. “Did you know that the air in your home can be five times more polluted than the air outdoors? Therese Forton-Barnes is using her wealth of knowledge of toxic chemicals and pollutants in everyday products to inform people of information like this! She started The Green Living Gurus to help individuals navigate through their homes and identify where toxic chemicals may be present (from dryer sheets, detergent, perfumes, soaps, etc).
She is a wonderful resource at this time when health and wellness is a huge focus.” Listen Here

June 20, 2020: Therese and her dog Murphy on the cover of Delaware Park Living talking Green Living Gurus!


June 26, 2020: A series of Do it Yourself videos Therese produced for the City of Buffalo recyclables program for their Facebook page. See videos here See ways to make All-purpose cleaner, bug spray and room spray.

September 15, 2020: Therese talking with Plants Based Solution, a weekly Live Show out of Vancouver, Canada with Roslyn Kent. “Indoor Air Quality and How It Impacts Your Health See Video here

September 25, 2020:Therese was spotlighted in her local publication, Delaware Park Living. She wrote an article on ‘Doing a Wellness Check’ and how to improve your indoor air quality and health.


11-13-2020 Buffalo Rising article on Austin Air Purifiers: Read here Therese was interviewed and quoted in this article.

11-18-20 I follow Erin Brockovich and have so for many years. I had the opportunity to ask her a question at the SafetyCulture Global Summit in this video. It made my day and more importantly she gave me great advice. See Question/answer Erin Brockovich

2-2021 Buffalo Spree interview with Therese on ‘Better Breathing – How to Improve air quality in your home’ Read here

4-2021 Buffalo Rising article on Earth Day with a quote from Therese Green Living Gurus doing their part for Earth Day! Read here

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