Candles.. Are They Toxic?

I am often asked about candles. Candles can be toxic. Many are made with paraffin wax..which is a petroleum by-product..which then releases carcinogenic soot when burned. Soot can cause respiratory problems and will aggravate the conditions of those who already have asthma, lung, or heart problems. Many are also scented with synthetic oils which can irritate your lungs and could cause other health problems. Some candles have lead in their wicks which can be even more toxic. Exposure to high amounts of lead has been linked to hormone disruption, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and numerous health problems.

What are the options you ask?

There are soy and beeswax candles and even GMO free ones. Make sure it says 100% because some manufacturers still use paraffin and mix it with beeswax or soy to save money. Stay away from paraffin! Look for ‘scented with natural essential oils’ and ‘lead free wicks’ and ones made with cotton. Click here to view some toxic-free candle options from our Guru Store

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