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How to Survive Cancer and Thrive in Life with Susan Morreale The Green Living Gurus

What does it take to survive cancer? Susan Morreale, a breast cancer survivor says,  “We need to be in charge and take control of our bodies”. Susan explains how she took charge of her body, researched everything possible to lead a healthy life, and avoid as many chemicals as possible. She changed what she had control over and took control of her body. Susan made sure that she was going to avoid as many toxic, cancer-causing chemicals as possible and she shares with us her road to recovery and her mission to help others. She and her daughter Ciara, own Her Story, a space in which beauty, experience, and wellness are supported by products that guide one’s journey to well being. They also own Her Kitchen, a plant-based wellness revolution, and Her Sanctuary, a space for women to gather.  See http://www.herstorybuffalo.com for more information.
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