international association of wellness professionals (iawp)

Therese is a member of the IAWP community which trains wellness professionals with a comprehensive education based on their three learning pillars: Wellness Training, Coach Training, and Business Training.

The IAWP is the global leader in Health and Wellness Coach Training. Their Wellness Coach Certification provides a world-class education from the industry’s most renowned experts in holistic health, natural medicine, wellness, coaching, entrepreneurship, and holistic business.

The wellness education programs began in 2007. The IAWP was founded to bring together the best experts and training in wellness, coaching, and holistic business under one roof. Today, they have a thriving community of over 25,000 wellness professionals in over 80 countries.

The IAWP is home to health and wellness professionals and coaches across a wide variety of holistic modalities. Their professional association is a network that provides ongoing training and support to wellness professionals who are committed to helping people live healthier and better lives.