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Therese, Thank you for the impact that you’ve made on my life and changes you’ve helped me to make for a healthier lifestyle!!! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you’ve done to help me!!! Thank you!!!” – Kathleen H., Buffalo, NY

Why Switch to Non-Toxic Deodorant and Never Use Anti-Perspirant
By Samantha Trafford, Community Manager for the Green Living Gurus Everyone has had that feeling. A warm summer day or even a cold winter evening, hanging with friends and family. Then you smell it and feel the sweat. You shudder, cheeks blush in embarrassment as you fold your arms to hide your own body odor …
Therese’s ‘Top Ten’ List of Ingredients to Avoid in Lotion
Therese’s ‘Top Ten’ List of Ingredients to Avoid in Lotion