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Made with love and care for our Earth, all humans, kids and pets.


Our Vision

At Tee’s Organics we want a sustainable planet, a better society, and healthy lives. Unlike conventional cleaning products, Tee’s Organics products are created using safe, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients. Eco-friendly products not only reduce air and water pollution but also help fight ozone depletion and climate change. Our glass bottles are also refillable and reusable and all ingredients are made in the USA.

Tee’s Organics products: Healthy for you and your home!

All Purpose Cleaner

The GLG cleaner is a combination of antibacterial and antiseptic properties that makes it an all-purpose cleaner and uses 100% essential oils.

All Purpose Cleaner

Room Sprays

Signature blends that makes any room smell great!

Free of harsh chemicals and other pollutants. No Chemicals!! Made in the Buffalo, NY USA

Available in:

Bergamot and Rosemary – Uplifting and antiseptic

Chamomile and Lavender – A relaxing and sweet scent

Orange and Rose – A romantic and revitalizing mood boost

Tee's Room Spray

How to have a clean home with clean air without using toxic chemicals.

Everyone wants a clean home, but do you want a home where you are breathing in potentially toxic and harmful chemicals? Some of these chemicals can be causing allergies, nervous system disorders, fertility disorders, asthma, watery eyes, thyroid issues, tumors in pets, and even cancer. They may contain petroleum distillates, PFAS, phosphates, Triclosan,

The chemicals may harm you and linger in the air and on the floor and surfaces of your home—places where you, your children, and pets can be ingesting them. Beware of words like ‘Natural’ or ’Eco-friendly’ as companies use these words to make you believe they are good for you.

Tee’s Organics has created an all-purpose cleaner for most surfaces of your home, car, and office! They are free of all chemicals and healthy for you and your home!

We also have three varieties of an all-purpose room spray good for cars, offices, shoes, hockey bags, workout equipment, bed linens, gym bags, and more! We are working on a window cleaner, a bug spray, and other products down the road!

More ways to make sure you have clean air in your home:

  • Clean Ceiling Fans regularly
  • Air out Dry Cleaning before you bring it inside your home
  • Use plants around your home
  • Clean filters in window air conditioners and change filters in whole house units yearly
  • Open your windows even in mid-winter if only for a few minutes
  • Have your ducts and vents cleaned but ask about the chemicals and have them use only water in their cleaning system
  • Use an air purifier 

Tee’s Story

Hi, my name is Therese Forton-Barnes, also known as Tee. I grew up in Buffalo, NY, with three older sisters and a younger brother. Our Mom was always instilling healthy living and eating organic and fresh and healthy food. We learned to cook from scratch and shopped at our local Co-op. My dream was to open a health food Supermarket, not just local little Co-ops. I went to Ithaca College with a major in Business and a Minor in Health, but I never did open my dream store. (But Whole Foods did!) I became a party planner, which gave me the excellent groundwork for where I am today.

Since I graduated in 1985, I never stopped educating myself on living a healthy life and trying to help others. I have helped friends, family, and anyone that wants to learn about avoiding toxic and harmful chemicals. I have helped cancer survivors clean out their cupboards and detox their homes from products that contain carcinogens through the years. It has been my lifelong mission to help as many people as possible to avoid these chemicals and live a cleaner and greener healthy lifestyle.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, I decided it was time for me to do what I had wanted to do for over 35 years. My event planning business was on hold due to Covid. Being at home gave me an excellent opportunity to accomplish what I wanted for so many years. I signed up for a course on Environmental Health. I learned the history of the environmental health movement, from the turn of the last century to modern-day public policy around toxins, exploration of industry front groups, epigenetics, toxicology, and detoxification protocols. I studied many of the potential exposures we experience in and around our homes, from home construction, furniture, carpeting, bedding, personal care products, cleaning supplies, indoor air quality, basement, garage, and lawn care.

I took a course on Water that educated me on identifying & addressing the everyday toxic exposures in water and learned all about the best water filtrations systems.

I took a course on Toxins and eliminating overlooked environmental toxins that prevent people from getting well.

I also attended dozens of seminars, webinars, and other online events to continue learning and networking across the globe.  I sat in on many legislative meetings on getting toxic chemicals out of our homes and personal care products. I continuously support and join any event the Environmental Working Group coordinates and follow closely many other organizations such as the Environmental Health News, Organic Consumers Association, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Indoor Air Quality Association, Green Science Policy, Anti-Cancer Lifestyle, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Cancer Free Economy, Made Safe, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, Collaborative on Health and the Environment and of course one of my favorites, Erin Brockovich!!

I also started a podcast called “Green Living with Tee,” where I interview others in the Healthy-living space and educate my listeners on avoiding toxic and harmful chemicals and how to live healthier.

I took a year-long entrepreneurship coaching program called the Unstoppable Entrepreneur. I am now on a mission to be unstoppable in helping others live healthily and avoid potential toxic, harmful, and cancer-causing chemicals!

Hear What People Say About Tee’s Organics

I used to have to put on a mask and make sure the kids were not in the room when I would clean. I then realized I was polluting my house with toxic chemicals! I was so happy to have found Tee’s Organics and now no one needs to leave the room! I don’t need 5 different products. I clean the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen and even the car with it. I love the smell and it has changed my life. I don’t mind cleaning anymore!  The kids love it too!


Married and a Mom of 2 children and a black Labrador retriever

I am a cancer survivor and I was on a mission to find a cleaning product that did not have toxic cancer causing chemicals in it. I was ecstatic to have found Tee’s Organics. My eyes used to water when I would use the ones loaded with chemicals. I knew this could not be good for me.  I now have a peace of mind knowing I am not spraying any chemicals in my home and the air we breathe is so much cleaner! I use it for everything, and my husband and I love the smell!


Cancer survivor

I LOVE your all purpose cleaner, I use it on everything and it doesn’t stress me out like other cleaners do because I know it is safe and healthy to use.


Life changing is all I can say about Tee’s organics. I always thought I needed to use chemicals to clean. I started to do some research on the ingredients I was spraying in my home and realized this could not be good for me or my family. I researched how the chemicals I was using also can harm our immune system and potentially make us sick. Tee’s Organics is so right when they say Healthy for you and your home!


Thank you, Therese. Received my Tee products. Shipping was so amazingly quick. TY!!
Love that these products are eco-friendly, they smell amazing. And such a pretty bottle.

Thank you for saving our Lungs