Why You Should Never Drink A Slurpee

SlurpeesYesterday I was getting my car washed and took pictures of the “slurpee” drink they were selling. I am always amazed that these drinks are even on the market. I feel so bad that people drink these and give them to their children and have no idea how bad they are for you. They are all artificial which means yet another dose of chemicals they are adding to their children’s bodies.

The ingredients in these drinks are filled with food dyes, artificial sweeteners, sodium benzoate, glycerin (found in soap), and artificial flavors – do people really think there is any cherry, lime, raspberry or orange in these drinks? The food dyes alone can be causing allergic reactions, ADHD, infertility, skin conditions and known carcinogens.

Or you can drink ‘healthy’ as seen in one of the juices pictured  – available in just about every store now and containing carrots, apples, cucumber lemon, beets celery to name a few of the nutrient filled ingredients.

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