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Helping to guide people to a green living, chemical and toxic-free lifestyle is my true passion. I have had a dream of pursuing this for over 40 years. If I can help one person eliminate or reduce toxic chemicals from their life, I will be happy but my dream is to help thousands learn about how chemicals can be causing a multitude of damage including causing cancer. While growing up, my mother always instilled a healthy diet and lifestyle.  While all the fast food chains starting to “pop” up all over, she was always against fast food and processed foods. Everything was made from scratch, and mostly organic. With this as a base, I graduated from Ithaca College in 1985 with a BS in Business and a minor in Health with dreams and plans to start a Health Food supermarket (aka Whole Foods). I had always had plans of owning a health food store, but once out of college, I found another true love of work and have been planning events in Buffalo for over 35 years. Even though event planning is in my blood, creating awareness of home toxins is in my heart. After college and going on to educating myself further on healthy living  for the past thirty years, I am now  trying to help others learn from my knowledge and experience. Shop our store to learn more about items that we recommend.  See the link below.

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