Are Lipsticks And Lip Balm Safe?

Many lipsticks and lip balms sold in the US contain cadmium, chromium (carcinogen), lead (neurotoxin), aluminum & at least five other toxic metal ingredients. Some are at levels that can cause potential health hazards. It’s especially important to consider switching because we absorb lipstick directly into our mouths. Manganese is one of the other metals found in many glosses, balms & lipsticks. It’s directly associated with toxicity in the nervous system. Recent studies show that more than 400 brands contain twice as much lead as previously thought. 

There are NO standards for safe cosmetics in the U.S. whereas Europe has banned lead in cosmetics & limited the use of many other metals. What makes it even more dangerous is that we not only absorb these ingredients, we also are ingesting them when we eat or drink. Even though the FDA may report that these levels of chemicals are ‘safe’ do you want to be a guinea pig? Also, what about all the other toxic chemicals you may be ingesting or breathing in every day and what level is that adding up to? It is hard to avoid all toxic ingredients; try your best and read the labels. It’s safe to say, that switching to an eco-conscious lipstick is a great first step to cleaning up your cosmetic shelf. Click here to see some recommended brands from our Guru Store!

On a side note and as I write this, I realize that I need to get rid of some of my lipsticks. Typically they are good for 1-2 years and I know a few of these are older than that! If they smell, changed texture or are dried out, toss them.

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