5 Tips To Keep Our Pets Safe From Toxic Chemicals

Our pets largest organ on their body is their skin. It absorbs chemicals that are in products and the environment. Our pets also can ingest chemicals from their food, from inhaling toxins from paints, from the outgassing  of plastics and  flea/tick medicine. Their little bodies can only handle so much. Some chemicals can possibly cause cancer, diarrhea, nausea, breathing problems and a long list of other issues. Here are five things that you can do to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals:

1. Rethink using pesticides on your lawn. After lawns are chemically treated it takes 48 hours for them to be absorbed in the grass and soil. Meanwhile your pets are breathing, walking, eating and playing in the chemically treated grass. The chemicals get on their bodies and they can easily be ingesting them into their system.

2. Look at the ingredients in the food that you are feeding them. There is very little regulation on pet food. Look at the ingredients and see if they have MSG, ethoxyquin, corn syrup, by-products, propylene glycol, BHA/BHT, artificial flavors and colorings. Here is a book I highly recommend you read. It really opened up my eyes to the health concerns of pet food.

3. Get a blood titer. This will show the level of vaccinations in your dog so you are not over vaccinating them. We had a yellow lab that was over vaccinated and went into a seizure which opened up my eyes to the world of vaccinations. 

4. Stop using air fresheners that are made with synthetic chemicals. They produce pollutants that can affect pets and some are known carcinogens.

5. Use nontoxic laundry detergent and dog shampoo.  Look for ones with no dyes, fragrances, chemical preservatives, artificial brighteners or synthetic fragrances.

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“They too, are created by the same hand of God which created us. It is our duty to protect them and to promote their well-being” Mother Teresa

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