Do You Think You Are Healthy? Do You Think Your Home Is Healthy?

What does the word ‘Healthy’ really mean? I keep hearing of ‘healthy’ people dying from Covid19. If someone gets Covid19 and are considered ‘healthy’ but yet they clean with toxic chemicals, sleep in chemicals from toxic laundry detergent, use dryer sheets, use antiperspirant etc.. and their lungs are compromised from inhaling all these chemicals all day long……then are they really that healthy?

I write a lot about how to get toxic chemicals out of your home. You can eat all the organic food in the world but your body can only handle so much from toxic chemicals entering your system through lotions, deodorants, hair products, plastic containers, makeup, cleaning supplies, candles, water, carpeting, beds, adhesives, building materials, insecticides, paints, stains, air fresheners, dryer sheets. The list goes on. Your children’s lungs are breathing in these scentless chemicals. Could you imagine if they all had a smell to them? Would we then allow them in our homes? Would we still smother them into our children’s skin? Would you still clean your house with them?

Mother Nature is still at work keeping the outdoor air as clean as possible with thunder storms, lightning, and ultraviolet energy from the sun. Our indoor air is often overlooked and not tested. Over 80,000 chemicals are registered in the USA. The list of chemicals entering our homes through products are endless. Dioxane, Galaxolide, Monothanolamine, Ammonia, Formadelhyde, etc and most are not visible to the naked eye or can be detected by smell, which makes it even worse.

Then to compound matters, to conserve energy, we seal up our homes; locking in these pollutants.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that our indoor air environment can be up to 5-100 times worse than the worst outside air. Our body’s immune systems are designed to handle outside air that has been cleansed by natural processes, but they can’t keep up with the levels of indoor air pollution that we create.

The American Lung Association states on their website “Cleaning is essential to protecting our health in our homes, schools and workplaces. However, household and cleaning products—including soaps, polishes and grooming supplies—often include harmful chemicals. Even products advertised as “green” or “natural” may contain ingredients that can cause health problems to your children. Some cleaning supplies can even be flammable or corrosive. Fortunately, you can limit your and your kids exposure to those risks. Read all labels and follow instructions when using cleaning products. It could save your life.”

Asthma and allergies are on the rise along with other ailments caused by polluted indoor air; such as headaches, dizziness, depression, respiratory infections, autoimmune disorders, throat and ear infections, colds and flu. There are many studies performed on indoor air environments due to the concerns over the effects of rising levels of chemicals and pollutants. The National Center for Health Statistics reported an alarming increase of people suffering from severe allergies and asthma due to our poor indoor air quality. Even as far back as 2003, Harvard School of Public Health reported that out of 120 homes tested for toxic gases and compounds 100% of homes had levels that exceeded safe standards and that this is a nationwide problem but little has been done to change this so far.

Being in insolation can be a new beginning. Take steps for you and your family to live in a healthier home and office environment. It can be a reminder that the Earth needs to heal and we also may need to make our homes more healthy.

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