Pregnancy and Avoiding Chemicals

More and more research is linking chemicals to birth defects, cancer, thyroid disorders, acne, asthma, diabetes, obesity, allergies, infertility, and even ADHD. If I had my way, every OB office and midwife in the U.S. would distribute information to their patients on how chemicals can affect a woman and her fetus. Women should be made aware of sources of exposure to chemicals in order to reduce the risks to the developing fetus.

I have learned a lot from my sisters when it comes to pregnancy and avoiding chemicals. I was never able to have children and had various miscarriages but still knew what I had to do while I was trying to get pregnant. In all the Doctor appointments that I went to, never once was I told to avoid chemicals and other toxins that can affect a developing fetus.

During pregnancy, especially in the early months, the baby is developing its brain. A chemical that is marginally dangerous to the mom may be critically dangerous for a developing fetus. 

The Gurus Top Ten Tips to Avoid Chemicals During Pregnancy:

  1. Pesticides (Eat organic and avoid lawns that have been sprayed)
  2. Do not paint: Avoid any paint & especially any lead based paints. This includes sanding or scraping any old paints where lead will most certainly be released into the air 
  3. Mosquito repellents can be toxic. Make you own(see our DIY section)
  4. Avoid Mercury (this is why eating fish should be limited to once or twice a week). Most fish carries some level of mercury in it 
  5. Stay away from Pressure treated woods . These woods are treated with arsenic  which out gasses long after it is installed.
  6. Do not use nail polish – the fumes are similar to paint thinner which can be dangerous to the fetus 
  7. Avoid harsh cleaning solutions such as oven cleaners, bleach & most conventional cleaning products. Use our recommended ones in the store or make your own – see our DIY section.
  8. Alcohol & cigarettes – do not be even around smoke
  9. Avoid non stick cookware
  10. Body lotion, hair products, deodorant and perfume – Read the ingredients and know your labels. There are so many chemicals used in these products and potential endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and other harmful side effects

Whatever a pregnant woman ingests or puts on her skin, the baby can also be affected. What occurs during fetal development can last a lifetime. Most Doctors will tell you what is positive for the baby, such as vitamins, rest and a healthy diet, but very few will tell woman what chemicals to avoid.

Someday, I hope to have a “brochure” in all OB offices!!

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