Who is the ‘Head Guru’, Therese Forton-Barnes

I’m writing to introduce myself and ‘spill my guts’.  (That is a horrible saying by the way.)

I am a one-man band with three wonderful interns along with my sister that help me manage everything I am trying to do with Green Living Gurus.

I want you to know who I am and why I am doing what I am doing. I am 58 years old, I reside in Buffalo New York, married and I have two wonderful grown stepchildren and one dog, Murphy.

I wish I had my own children. I struggled for numerous years trying to get pregnant, rounds of IVF, flying around the country meeting with specialists, including having to abort twins around eight weeks pregnant. If they were alive, they would be 15 years old now. We even tried to adopt a baby and that failed. That is a whole other long story.

I decided that it was not meant to be as much as I wanted my own child and to be a mother. I asked constantly why did this happen to me? I will never know that answer. 

So, the last 15 years have been tough. I have fought through many many many challenges; a horrible bankruptcy and counting change some days to survive; being mugged and robbed and left with a broken nose and teeth; and some other life and mental challenges.  Although, the hardest challenge was watching my mother die. The woman that taught me all about health, avoiding chemicals, processed foods, and that a snack should be a piece of fruit or cut up vegetables with hummus.

I asked constantly why her life was taken when she was the healthiest person on all levels. I concluded it was the chemicals she swam in every day. Every day at 7 AM she would swim at a local swimming pool. She came home wreaking of chlorine and chemicals. She would hug me and all I could smell was the chlorine and chemicals all over her body. She would bathe herself in dried milk and apple cider vinegar to try to draw out the smell and chemicals. Ultimately, they affected her nervous system and she died in 2010.

I have made it my mission in life to help as many people as possible avoid chemicals that are causing cancer and other illnesses. I actually went to college to open up a health food store but came out as a party planner (another long story). I do know that I survived the past 15 years because of my conscious efforts to eat healthy, exercise and making sure I was always taking care of myself physically and mentally knowing I had an uphill battle and so many challenges to endure.

So, on that note, I wanted you to know who I am. Who is this person that sends out emails, writes a blog, puts out a podcast, posts on Instagram and Facebook, and is always talking about how to avoid toxicants. I am just a normal person wanting to help others avoid harmful and toxic chemicals especially ones that cause cancer.


Therese “Tee” Forton-Barnes

Head Guru

Cell 716-868-8868


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