Six Reasons You Should Stop Using Plastic in Your Kitchen

photo of plastic bottles

1. Plastics are not as disposable as we have been told.

Greater than 2 million plastic bags are used worldwide each minute. Although the average plastic bag has a useful lifespan of just 15 minutes, according to Plastic Oceans, it doesn’t actually disappear when it is tossed. In reality, petroleum-primarily based plastics can take decades to decompose and sometimes never do. What you can do: Have reusable bags on hand. see link

2. Some plastics may additionally have a bad impact for your and your children’s health.

BPA (bisphenol A), which has been used in plastic manufacturing for decades, has raised concerns among researchers who say that it can boom the hazard of a few varieties of cancer and contribute to other serious health issues. What you can do:  Switch to BPA-free glass or stainless steel containers. See list

3. Plastic can get into your food and drink.

Plastic can affect the flavor of your food or drink and can intervene with the entertainment of your families meals. Even the contact of plastic can negatively affect some people’s pleasure in their meal or beverage. Doesn’t wine always taste better in glass?  What you can do: Use ceramic or glassware see list

4. Plastic, heat, and fats can be a toxic blend.

Never heat up anything in plastic. Don’t boil anything in plastic even though the instructions say it is safe.  Why? Plasticizers like BPA and phthalates may leak into meals when microwaved or boiled. To avoid your children’s food from becoming infected by those additives, avoid using plastic storage containers to microwave food, especially cheese, meat, sauce or different fatty ingredients, which soak up pollutants. What you can do: Use ceramic or glassware or better yet, use a double boiler. see list

5. Bacteria loves to grow in plastic water bottles.

We have heard before that water bottles can carry more bacteria than a dog bowl. So, do not let your kids reuse their plastic water bottles or don’t let them use them at all. What you can do: Use glass water bottles or stainless steel. See ideas here

6. Skipping plastic is also about saving money!

If you’re buying  plastic sandwich bags for school lunches, maybe try reusable material for your food. You can store them in glass and save money too! What you can do: Use glass storage containers for your lunches and also beeswax reusable wrappers. Here are some we suggest

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