Optimizing Your Family’s Health with Emily Gold Mears

It’s so vital that people know that they can and must take ownership of their health and that if they do, they have the opportunity to feel better, live longer and postpone the onset and mitigate the consequences of chronic disease.

Emily Gold Mears is dedicating her life to helping other patients/individuals understand the lifestyle changes that can dramatically improve their wellbeing outside of our healthcare with her new book Optimizing Your Health: An Approachable Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Chronic Disease. Curated from the most salient aspects of many volumes of research, this book offers several lifestyle modifications to help you achieve optimal health. In Optimizing Your Health, Emily shares years of research and knowledge to help others understand how they can become their own health advocate, modify their lifestyle to reduce their risk of chronic disease, and take a proactive role in their own healthcare.

Optimizing Your Health features real-life stories, clinical studies, the latest discoveries, and infographics to demonstrate what is hurting us and what can help us pursue a long, healthy life. This book curates a vast amount of health and wellness information and is essential reading for those who are committed to reducing their risk of chronic disease, aging well, and feeling their best. From understanding the best foods to removing toxins from your home, diet, and personal care, Emily is full of great insights for people of all ages and lifestyles!

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