Tee’s Organics: Healthy for You and Your Home with Customer Lisa Brydges

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What do you use to clean? Are you spraying toxic and harmful chemicals in your home? Some household cleaners release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds while others contain harmful ingredients including ammonia, fragrance, and bleach. One this episode Tee is thrilled to unveil the first product in the new Tee’s Organics all-natural cleaning line, the Tee’s Organics All-Purpose Cleaner!
Tee’s Organics All-Purpose Cleaner is formulated with the power of an essential oil blend, and is a very versatile cleaning solution that gives you a deep clean when scrubbing toilets, or degreasing pans, or just spot cleaning, dusting, and more—all without harsh chemicals. It has a sweet yet spicy herbal aroma and hints of citrus.

Tee’s Organics’ all-purpose cleaner uses a combination of seven 100% organic essential oils, making it a clear choice for a safe, organic, all-purpose cleaner with powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties all contained within a 100% recyclable glass bottle.

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