Why You Should Stop Using Pesticides and Reimagine Your Lawns with Linda Yin

What do you use to clean? Are you spraying toxic and harmful chemicals in your home? Some household cleaners release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds while others contain harmful ingredients including ammonia, fragrance, and bleach. One this episode Tee is thrilled to unveil the first product in the new Tee’s Organics aLinda is a blogger, mother, and activist against toxic lawn applications. For the past five years, she has written about and promoted a sustainable, more mindful lifestyle, and she is the woman behind the “Ban TruGreen” petition, which demands that TruGreen, a nationwide lawn care company, switch to a non-toxic formula.
How You Can Help Raise Awareness:

  1. Educate yourself on your city’s pest control and pesticide use. Pesticides can be found everywhere – in cities, suburbs, and rural areas.
  2. Write to your state/municipality/HOA/block about safer pesticide use, banning pesticides altogether, or at the very least, providing a schedule of when pesticides will be used. Here are letter/flyer/brochure templates you can leverage.
  3. Sign the petition to demand that TruGreen switch to a non-toxic formula: www.change.org/bantrugreen.
  4. Make “pesticide-free” or “ban TruGreen” signs for your lawn to raise awareness with neighbors and to let them know they can walk safely on your grass.

The Truth About TruGreen:

  • 53% of TruGreen’s products include ingredients that are possible carcinogens.
  • 41% of TruGreen’s products include ingredients that are banned or restricted in other countries.
  • 34% of TruGreen’s products include ingredients that are known or suspected endocrine disruptors.
  • 28% of TruGreen products include ingredients that are known or suspected reproductive toxins.
  • 100% of TruGreen’s products include ingredients that threaten our environment, including our water supplies.
  • 0% of TruGreen’s pesticide application signs provide the exact time the lawn was sprayed, putting humans and animals at risk!

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