Learning About The Zero Waste & The Carbon Neutral Beauty Brand Izzy with Founder Shannon Goldberg

Did you know that in the US alone over 200 million plastic mascaras tubes are discarded every year, most of which are not recyclable! In this episode Tee talks with Shannon Goldberg, a pioneer in the area of 100% reusable and carbon-neutral beauty products.
Shannon is leading the way in developing world-class, natural, vegan, and reusable beauty products that don’t cut corners on quality and don’t deceive customers with “greenwashing” marketing gimmicks.
Izzy Zero Waste Beauty is the world’s first fully reusable, sustainable, and direct-to-consumer beauty brand that uses 100% reusable medical-grade steel to eliminate any plastic byproducts or waste. In this interview, Shannon shares her journey bringing this revolutionary product to market and why it’s so vital that no aspect of Izzy’s mission can be compromised for both her daughter’s future and the future of generations to come.

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