Going the Holistic Route When Treating Cancer with Ivana Spencer

Most people that get cancer automatically go the route of conventional medicine, but not Ivana Spencer! Ivana wanted to address the root cause of the symptoms and take a more holistic route in treating her breast cancer. 
Ivana Spencer is an RN with a strong passion and calling for a holistic lifestyle. She is the owner of Desiring Veggies, a website that includes blogs about her faith, breast cancer journey, herbal remedies, holistic tips, and recipes.
Ivana is currently on track to become a board-certified holistic nurse coach and hopes to reach other women who have gone through similar experiences such as breast cancer, domestic abuse, and emotional issues. Getting to the root cause of the symptoms and causes of cancer is her passion and she cannot wait to reach out to others to help guide them on their journey towards health and wellness. 
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