Mold, Mycotoxins, and Other Environmental Toxins to Be Aware of with Heidi Kuimjian

Mold exposure can cause severe symptoms, including shortness of breath, asthma, lung problems, sinus issues, coughing, skin rashes, a sore throat and even flu like symptoms.

Heidi Kuimjian is a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach with a passion for low toxic living and environmental toxin education. Through several challenging years of battling a mystery illness, Heidi learned so much about the importance of proper nutrition, a positive mindset, and a non-toxic lifestyle to achieve true health.

She offers two programs. The first one, Root Cause Health, is designed to help people unravel mysterious/chronic health concerns by addressing the root cause. In her other program, Low Toxic Living you too will dive deep into your lifestyle, products, and the environmental toxins that surround you to adjust your lifestyle and upgrade your health one step at a time. Heidi works with both men and women of all ages!

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