100th Episode! Testing Your Body for Toxic Chemicals with Jenna Hua

Welcome to our 100th episode!!!

I am so excited for our 100th episode and have picked the perfect guest for this milestone show. I can talk all day about how chemicals can affect our health and cause cancer and other ailments and diseases BUT now we have a system to detect chemicals in our bodies and a method to get them out of our bodies!

Jenna Hua has developed a revolutionary system for detecting chemicals in our bodies that is on its way to both transforming healthcare and legislation. Jenna is a registered dietitian and environmental health scientist by training. Jenna’s past research has focused on how our surrounding environment impacts our behaviors and health. An ardent believer in disease prevention, she wants to provide personalized preventive strategies to everyone to lead a healthier life.

Jenna’s extensive experience as an academic and health advocate led to her founding Million Marker in 2019, shortly after completing a Postdoctoral Fellowship with Stanford University’s School of Medicine. Throughout her career in academia, Jenna has researched and published numerous studies that largely focused on citizen science, general health, and the impact of food consumption on a person’s well-being.

In one of her most recent publications, Jenna used machine learning to identify people based on food consumed to offer healthier food options. She also published another report that studied the arsenic exposure and risks of eating rice within adolescents in Kunming, China.

Jenna has been a Project Manager for UNC’s Carolina Population Center, a Graduate Instructor and Research Assistant at UC Berkeley, and a Project Manager at UCLA’s Center for Population Research. She was also a US Fulbright Fellow at the Institute of International Education in Kunming, China. Jenna holds a BS in Nutrition and an MPH and PhD in Environmental Health Sciences from UC Berkeley.

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