An Entrepreneur Who Is Tackling Food Waste One Smoothie at a Time with Kathryn Bernell

Kathryn Bernell is the founder of reHarvest Provisions. reHarvest Provisions provides craveable, eco-conscious, and convenient superfood smoothie pops packed with whole fruits + veggies to fuel a happier planet and healthier you!

Before founding reHarvest Kathryn spent 14 years in the food industry working for companies such as Cliff Bar & Company, and Starbucks. Kathryn is a graduate of the University of Denver and the North-Western University’s Kellogg School of Management.

reHarvest Provisions believes that companies hold a responsibility to do more than just sit on a shelf, and they actively better the lives of their consumers and the communities they live in via their commitment to radically tackling food waste via their reHarvest + rePurpose sourcing platform.

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