Cut the Toxins, Save the Species with Kelly Ryerson, the Glyphosate Girl

Do you know that you are probably eating, drinking, and touching glyphosate all day, every day. Glyphosate is everywhere. It is in nearly all of our non-organic food. In most US cities, parks, schools, golf courses, and many athletic fields are showered in glyphosate. Glyphosate is found in and fed to babies in breast milk. What is the mega-consumption of glyphosate and associated formulations like Roundup doing to our bodies and those of our children?

Kelly Ryerson is an environmental health writer, speaker, and ardent public health advocate. After alleviating her own chronic illness by eating a gluten-free and organic diet, she realized that toxins and chemicals were at the core of the explosion in chronic disease in the United States and joins us to discuss her journey and what we can do about glyphosate.

Currently writing on her blog Glyphosate Girl, Kelly previously worked in investment banking, private equity, and NASA technology commercialization. Kelly has a BA from Dartmouth College, an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and completed training in integrative health coaching at Duke Integrative Medicine.

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