Restoring Trust in Tap Water with Johnny Pujol of Tap Score

Water expert Johnny Pujol is the CEO of SimpleLab, an award-winning company founded at the University of California in Berkeley, where he earned his Masters in Engineering. SimpleLab makes sophisticated laboratory testing accessible to anyone through their service Tap Score, which allows customers to test their tap water in a user-friendly way.

How would you like it if you could test your water for lead & copper tests on complex panels of PFAS, pharmaceuticals, microbes, and other chemicals? Reports are easy-to-understand along with explanations and recommendations.

We know this stuff is complicated. But Tap Score helps us understand what is in our water, how it impacts us and how you can treat it efficiently and cost-effectively.

They don’t answer to water treatment companies which means they provide results and recommendations that are unbiased, data-driven, and come with no agenda or upsell.

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