How You Can Start Biohacking Today with Brittany Ford

Did you know that Biohacking is now the new self-care! Biohacking means that you can become the healthiest version of yourself right now by changing specific things in your lifestyle that are deteriorating your health. Think sleep. Think stress. Think toxins in the air and water. Think about the indoor light you’re exposed to all day. Think about the radiation from all the electronics in your home. And of course, think food!

Brittany Ford is a registered holistic nutritionist. Most days, you can find her sipping her favorite coffee (with goat butter, mushroom powder, and collagen) while educating herself on anything and everything health-related from the comfort of her home.

She is known for being ambitious, fun, and passionate about nature and health, including biohacking, nutrient-dense foods, healthy lifestyle habits, and more.

Brittany has been on a wild health journey for over 12 years, healing from Leaky Gut Syndrome, Candida, parasites, dysbiosis (Imbalance in your gut health), and hormonal imbalances through various health modalities and changes. She loves serving the world by sharing her health journey through her social media accounts, on her podcast Biohacking with Brittany, and with clients one-on-one.

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