Addressing the ‘Unseen’ Toxins in Your Home: Mold and EMF with Cathy Cooke

Cathy Cooke is a building biologist focused on all things toxic! This includes chemicals and poor air quality caused by mycotoxins from mold. Cathy is also a specialist in the dangers associated with electromagnetic frequencies caused by over-exposure to our modern electronic devices.

Cathy is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. She uses a functional medicine approach to help people identify imbalances in their bodies and lifestyle. She is also a certified “Building Biology Environmental Consultant” and certified electromagnetic radiation specialist with the Building Biology Institute.

Cathy assesses buildings for anything that may be causing health problems, including indoor air quality, mold, chemical off-gassing, ventilation, and EMF exposure. Combining holistic nutrition and building biology, she addresses both the body and environment to help her clients achieve optimal health. She is also the founder of “Idahoans for Safe Technology”, an advocacy and awareness group promoting the safer use of modern-day communications. Originally from Kansas City Missouri, Cathy currently lives in Boise Idaho.

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